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Our Employees, trade partners, and suppliers have been instructed

not to come to work if they experience any corona virus symptoms.


Please note that no one at PIPERIGHT has tested positive for

Coronavirus or reported potential exposure.


  1. Practicing social distancing of 6-10 feet away from others

  2. Employees are not sharing tools or equipment

  3. One trade worker in the project area at a time

  4. Employees must wear face masks at all times

  5. Wearing new gloves at each job site

  6. Hand sanitizer in each vehicle

  7. One employee per vehicle

  8. Washing hands frequently


This is our protocol prior when scheduling and prior to showing up at job site the day of the appointment:

  • Has anyone in the home been in direct contact with

  • anyone sick with Corona virus symptoms?

  • Anyone traveled out of the state within 14 days?

  • Anyone in the home or business currently sick or quarantined?

  • Any other risks for COVID-19 at site that we need to be made aware of?

  • If YES to any of these, service must be postponed for 30 days and then reevaluated at that time.

If there is need of emergency service, we will work to

determine the appropriate plan and response to the client.


THANK YOU for your understanding.


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